Interestingly, there was a discussion about this recently in the office.

Which software would you recommend to turn a series of photos into a video that can be shared on Youtube?

Youtube must have heard us! This week YT announces the addition of new functionality which allows anyone to splice together photos to form a video suitable for uploading to the site and sharing.

For many people, this will prove a godsend. Especially for those with no video camera, but also for those who only have a series of photos available which needs editing into a film.

Remember how useful videos are in ensuring higher search engine rankings for your business? This could be your chance to find those missing SERPs, simply by melding photos into a short video clip.

It’s the weekend – time to go play with some funky tools that may permit us to put videos from photo selections that had been deemed only usable for the in-house photo album unless we bought specialist software!

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