Knowing your business numbers is a vital part of any internet marketing campaign and online advertisers need to be aware of this, according to one expert.

Stephanie Bunn writes in a recent blog posted on that she hopes internet marketing clients have been told this enough for the message to have gotten through but offers what she calls "evidence as to the power of numbers" for those who have not.

She states that tracking results is key to success and warns that those who fail to keep an eye on the hit results that they are generating will fail to motivate themselves to look for new solutions.

"Internet marketers don’t need to understand how the technology works, but they need to understand the principles of direct marketing. Direct marketing involves providing the right offer to the right people at the right time."

She then states that, as a rule, online advertisers should be asking themselves five questions when tracking campaigns to see how effective their marketing campaigns are.

A number of questions that marketers should as k themselves follow such as: "Am I sending out the right offer?" and "How many people left me their email address, with their permission, so that I can email then about future products and services?"

She claims that if an advertiser is able to answer all of the questions honestly and accurately they are better equipped to improve business and that this must become something they do frequently as "the numbers are the business".

Another online marketing development was unveiled this weekwhen Google announced that YouTube would soon be using its own display advertising with ITN confirming that the site would use animated overlays at the base of the viewing screen inviting viewers to click on various pieces of advertising.

Google’s director of media platforms, Eileen Naughton, told ITN: "The philosophy at YouTube is pretty much core to what we at Google do generally, which is that all the ads we serve need to provide value to the end user."

This led to speculation on some blogs and forums that Google could be employing PPC to YouTube to generate vast amounts of revenue.

Silicon Valley Insider (SVI) addressed the idea on Wednesday by reporting "Liz Gannes of NewTeeVee says YouTube product manager Shashi Seth told her that the video ads would be sold at a $20 CPM whether or not users clicked on them"

SVI added that it had assumed the ads would be PPC in line with other Google advertising and that this news would reduce concern that this would have a detrimental effect on current click-through rates.

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