A new marketing scheme by Google comma which drives customers to the search engine’s Google Books programme comma is underway.

For over a week, contestants taking part in 10 Days in Google Books will be asked a series of five trivia questions on a variety of themes, the answers to which can be looked up on Google Books.

Questions in the search engine marketing initiative could be anything from "how many European cities are mentioned in Karen Fowler’s The Jane Austen Book Club?" to "which infamous book thief got caught stealing from the Chicago Public Library and was later acquitted on grounds of insanity?"

At the end of each day’s questioning, contestants are eligible to win a Sony Reader, a handheld digital platform from which to read eBooks. The first 20,000 people to participate in the game will receive Google Books laptop stickers.

Google Books originally began life as BackRub, a web crawler that indexed content and promoted analysis of collections of books in order to determine the relevance to any particular search.

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