Mobile commerce is beginning to be more fully understood by digital advertisers, according to some inside the industry.

Jeffrey Grau, senior analyst with eMarketer and writer of report Mobile Commerce: Ahead of Its Time, remarked upon the number of people in the sector who do not appear to be capitalising on mobile internet marketing services.

"Most retailers are either standing on the sidelines or in the midst of planning their mobile commerce strategy," he said.

He added that, despite this seeming reluctance on the parts of the majority of retailers, some brands are providing customers with suitable mobile apps, such as shopping tools to enhance convenience.

More than 70 million US users are predicted by eMarketer to access the internet using a mobile phone throughout 2009, although the company states that they are more likely to use the capabilities to find out weather forecasts, bank online and find film schedules than make purchases.

In other news, search engine Google recently offered online marketers advice on maximising conversion rates through mobile commerce, suggesting they create good landing page experiences and increase the ease of site navigation.

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