One of the reasons why a business needs a search engine optimisation strategy is that internet users prefer organic results to paid listings, according to one firm.

E-consultancy listed five reasons why it is important for a business to employ some know-how when it comes to search engine optimisation, including the importance of striking high in the organic rankings.

The firm noted that 60.8 per cent of Yahoo! users and 72.3 per cent of Google users prefer to follow the organic listings rather than sponsored links when they are looking for information on the web.

Add to this is the fact that paid search is becoming more expensive, as well as the possibility that an optimised site can be a more useable one too, and the benefits of search engine optimisation become more clear.

"Better usability. Better fulfillment paths. Happy customers mean higher satisfaction rates and more repeat business. And this makes for a happier boss," said the firm.

Last month, research by consultancy XSEO suggested that only 14 per cent of businesses in the UK with websites had thought about search engine optimisation issues before creating their website.

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