Opting to outsource search engine optimisation work to improve performance may be a necessary move for a number of firms, it has been suggested.

Although in-house search engine optimisation teams may prove to be successful at helping with internet marketing campaigns, opting for an outsourced provider may help to deliver results, an expert has claimed.

Writing on Search Engine Land, Jessica Bowman – an SEO strategist – said that if budgets were tight for in-house staff, looking elsewhere could help to add value.

She noted that there is a double-edged sword in balancing the needs of SEO with action items and that too much of one causes a need for too much of the other.

But by outsourcing search engine optimisation work, a firm is able to increase throughput, as focus can lie elsewhere.

Indeed common things that could be outsourced include keyword research, strategy development and site audits, among others.

Also, presentations on SEO topics such as copywriting for search engine optimisation and issues surrounding duplicate content may be outsourced to search engine marketing firms.

Ms Bowman also pointed out that in-house search engine optimisation teams can take certain steps to ensure that SEO strategies did succeed and that with detailed guides, even workers unfamiliar with SEO could do certain types of work, such as copywriting.

Another option open to firms looking to improve their rankings through search engine optimisation is to have their site audited, to gain a fresh perspective on a website and how it could be improved for internet marketing purposes.

Audits could be useful for a range of firms, Ms Bowman suggests, including those that are new to SEO as well as those with in-house SEOs. Such schemes may help to highlight areas where improvements to strategies could be made.

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