The Yahoo! Marketing Blog has highlighted how important it is for companies using pay per click services to write effective advertisements.

In a ‘best of’ post, the search engine advised companies to put themselves in the position of their customers and consider what their needs are.

Once these have been established, professionals can set about composing their ads.

Yahoo! explained that people do not have to be writers to create an effective campaign, they simply have to concentrate on what makes them stand out from the crowd.

"So focus on what makes you different from your competitors. What’s your secret weapon, your special sauce, your unique angle?" the company asked.

This could be a product or the level of service provided and according to Yahoo!, this extra effort could result in a good return on investment.

In a previous ‘best of’ post, the search engine’s communications manager for advertiser solutions Kastle Waserman advised many of the mistakes that may affect pay per click campaigns can be fixed with ease.

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