Brands that market their products via the web as well as on other channels should be focussing on ensuring their messages are memorable, through good presentation and delivery, a PowerPoint presentation design services company has said.

Writing on the UTalkMarketing blog, Article 10 Presentations referred to German philosopher Herman Ebbinghaus, who alleged that people only retained ten per cent of what they were confronted with – an indication to those in online PR that getting campaigns right the first time is of importance.

The company suggested that marketers try to convey their brand messages in a unique but clear and concise manner, in order to maximise impact on consumers.

"Its quality, not quantity that seems to stick in our minds. Ensure you don’t waste your one chance to make an impression with a poor presentation," it said.

At the beginning of the month, online advertisers were advised by Web TV Enterprise to consider using digital video streaming in their campaigns, given its growth in interest in the last two years.

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