The Quality Score of a brand's keywords is one of the most important factors in determining its ads' position in AdWords auctions, according to Google.

Writing on the pay per click marketing service's official Inside AdWords blog, Miles Johnson said this rating is calculated for each core phrase in a campaign to ensure users see the most relevant messages.

Every time a keyword matches a search query – and therefore has the potential to trigger an ad – AdWords calculates a new Quality Score.

This involves assessing a number of factors, including the relevance of the term to the adverts in its group and its historical clickthrough rate.

Another key issue is the quality of its associated landing page.

These sites should contain original, relevant content, have a minimum of pop-ups and be transparent about the nature of a brand's business, how its portal will interact with the user's computer and how their personal information will be used.

To improve a Quality Score, Google recommended that advertisers ensure their landing pages, keywords and ads are "narrowly targeted" at the search queries of their target audience.

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