Well, it’s not a definite, but it is highly likely to start losing importance in 2009. Google is introducing searches that will be personalised for each searcher. So, I could search on something, and based on my search history and even my IP address, I will get entirely different results from what you see, searching with identical terms.

For SEOs and their clients, this means that we will no longer hear, “Can you get me to Number 1 on the search engines?” from clients, nor ‘promises’ from SEOs that they can get your website into the top 10. A hearty cheer from this internet marketer at the end to that horror!!

What we are going to see is far more results-based search marketing assessments. You will know whether the SEO that we do for you is working through far more important measurables eg an increase in sales and conversions to calls to action on your site. Some of us have been saying this all along, but it’s great to finally see that SEO is going to have adapt to these changes and some of the hollow promises of the past which have affected the honest, reputable and ethical practioners of SEO will vanish into history.

If you want to know more about this, take 10 minutes to view Bruce Clay (he who came up with one of the very first maps of search engines and their relationships way back when) and listen to some of the other changes he anticipates in 2009.

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