Getting everyone in a company on board with search optimisation efforts is crucial to getting the best results and one expert has offered some tips on spreading the word about a campaign.

Duane Forrester wrote on Search Engine Land that monthly newsletters can be a good way to highlight the past performance and future plans of search engine optimisation (SEO).

He added that firms should not be afraid of including negative data in these bulletins, after it has been discussed with the relevant group, as this lends credibility and increases the chances of employees reading the content.

"The object is to get work done and showing everyone what not getting work done looks like means you can motivate the many at the expense of the few," Mr Forrester said.

Another important element of internal communication is securing time to discuss optimisation efforts with company executives.

Mr Forrester said going face-to-face with senior figures will help them "consume data in a fashion they are comfortable with", while ensuring that the SEO programme remains in the front of their mind.

Laura Lippay recently wrote on the Yahoo! Search Marketing blog that the value of search optimisation should not be overlooked, as 85 per cent of web users click on organically-generated links.

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