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How Can We Put a Value on the SEO Benefits of Content Marketing?

In this month’s featured post, Dr Dave Chaffey looks at a few methods for attributing value to content marketing campaigns. With the increased focus on content marketing and the investment needed to compete, it’s natural that more people are questioning the returns from content marketing. This was the case in the recent ClickThrough webinar I…

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The 10 Pillars of SEO Strategy

In this post, ClickThrough’s insights director Dr Dave Chaffey explains the importance of focus and strategy planning in SEO, and explains ClickThrough’s approach: The 10 Pillars of SEO Strategy. For me, SEO has always been one of the most complex digital marketing techniques for businesses to apply successfully – from technical aspects of on-site markup and…

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Is This The Future of Omni-Channel Retailing?

Take a walk down the supermarket aisles of the future with Alan Rowe, ClickThrough’s head of web development. He’s heard a lot of buzz about omni channel retailing and he thinks he knows where it’s all going… Omni-channel ecommerce is a buzz word that some enterprise systems are using. It’s a bit misleading. They use…

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What is SEO? – Nofollows and Dofollows

New to SEO? Read on, as ClickThrough gives the lowdown on dofollow and nofollow links. Whilst nofollows might not appear to pack much of a PageRank punch, they still remain valuable, as we explain… If you’re new to the digital marketing industry you’ll have no doubt encountered an expression or two that leaves you itching…

Watch Our Building A New Website Webinar

Another week. Another landmark. Last week (13 February) our senior search and conversion strategist, Michael Movassaghi, delivered ClickThrough’s first web development webinar – Building A New Website – Best Practices & Considerations. During the 30 minute session, Michael went through six key points to consider when building a brand new website, before our head of…

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Web Design: Progressive Enhancement & The Power of Constraint

In his first post for ClickThrough Marketing, UX Designer-Developer Matt Hitches sends out a rallying cry for web developers, looking at progressive enhancement and French experimental literature along the way. Fun fact time. The latest collated stats from Mobithinking say 22 per cent of UK mobile users infrequently or never use desktop computers to access…

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On Its Tenth Birthday – 10 Reasons Why Facebook And Digital Marketers Will Always Try To Cosy Up Together

Facebook has turned ten years old this week. Here ClickThrough copywriter, Martin Boonham, looks at ten ways in which the platform has developed into a great digital marketing platform with plenty of good stuff to offer over the years – even it does include the occasional cat Meme.  Facebook has turned ten. Happy birthday and…

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Don’t Stop Me Now! There is a Future in Guest Blogging

Has Matt Cutts put the boot into guest blogging? Dr Dave Chaffey doesn’t think so. It’s still a powerful digital marketing technique, he says – but if you’re churning out low-quality content to irrelevant blogs, it’s time to sharpen up your quality standards. The rising popularity of content marketing received a setback in January with…

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