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Social Media News Roundup: Young People Ignoring Social Media Age Limits

Adam Stokes runs through this week’s social  media marketing news, including new research on the amount of younger users across social media, major changes to Twitter’s timeline, and Easter eggs in Facebook Messenger. Social Media Age Limits are Being Ignored by Younger Users According to research undertaken by CBBC’s Newsround, more than 75% of children aged 10-12…

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CRO News Roundup: Ethos, Logos & Pathos

Richard Chapman details the latest in CRO news and advice, including Aristotle’s persuasive treatise, proven ideas to increase conversion rates, and why limited attention spans aren’t all that bad. Ethos, Logos & Pathos: how it translates to modern day CRO Aristotle was a man of persuasion, who knew?!  Unbounce takes a look at how Aristotle’s…

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SEO News Roundup: Google Adds JSON-LD Support

Tom Williams looks at the latest search engine optimisation news, including Google’s new support feature for JSON-LD, navigating the changes on Google’s mobile travel search, Russia’s new mobile friendly algorithm, and a whiteboard Friday discussion on the use of keywords. Google Confirms Support for JSON-LD Google has confirmed that it has added support for the…

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Social News Roundup: Newsfeed Changes Coming To Facebook

Amy Dugmore brings you all the latest social media marketing news from the past seven days, including changes to the Facebook news feed, WhatsApp reaches one billion, and Twitter expands in 23 countries. Changes To What You See On Your Newsfeed From Facebook Google’s isn’t the only algorithm digital marketers need to keep up to date…

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Google Promotes Secure Browsing Across All Websites

Google appears to be taking another step in encouraging all websites to adopt HTTPS, also known as secure browsing. Google computer security expert, Parisa Tabriz, hinted that the Chrome browser will soon display a padlock with a red X on all pages that are delivered over unencrypted connections. The current display settings on Google Chrome…

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SEO Jargon Buster – Part Two

Lisa Coghlan provides part two in this SEO Jargon Buster series: jam-packed with industry terms that you may come across in the complex world of SEO. Missed part one? Check out the link at the end of this post. We continue on our journey to demystify the terminology behind SEO as we take a look…

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Facebook Algorithm Now More Influenced By User Feedback

Pages owners take note. Asking for more clicks and likes on your Facebook page will not necessarily make for good visibility. From February, Facebook’s news feed algorithm will more prominently rely on surveys and user feedback to determine your page’s visibility in news feeds, as opposed to likes and shares. Facebook stated: The actions people…

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SEO News Roundup: New Google Webmaster Guidelines

Tom Williams looks at the latest search engine optimisation news, including the latest Webmaster Guidelines from Google, how to handle algorithm updates, and insights from the recent Search Engine Roundtable. Google Rolls Out New Webmaster Guidelines Google released its latest Webmaster Guidelines at the end of January. The update includes new guidelines of HTTPS, with…

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