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New ad spaces to look forward to

As the infrastructure globally is improved to permit services such as VOD and IPTV to actually function over your average broadband connection, as well as with mobile connectivity, we will see far more new spaces in the websphere to place our marketing efforts with creatives for the future. However, at present this new marketplace is…

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Be a generous marketer, says Seth

Seth Godin’s post about Poisoning the Well points out oh so clearly what we are all fed up with, as people rather than marketers, with what is being done to force-sell us products, to sneakily rob our data and flog it, to constantly undermine our faith in human nature by marketers. Just looking at this…

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Answer your emails!

Twice recently, I have contacted companies through their websites about making a purchase. In both instances, all I needed was a simple answer to a question before sending money. One was contacted through a contact form on their website, and the other directly by email. Two weeks later, no response from either. Sadly, this is…

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18 free ‘n’ easy ways to promote your site this week

1. Write a new blog post by reading today’s headlines on your favourite news site, and writing on something that relates to you or your industry, your company or your products. If you really can’t find a single news story that relates to you, use your keywords and search on Google News – there will…

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