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Content Based Marketing vs SEO

Once upon a time, about 10 years ago, every new website focused on SEO as the holy grail of traffic generation. There were people shouting, “Content is King” from many rooftops, but for many website owners there seemed to be little correlation between the content on their website and the rankings in the SERPs. However,…

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The Importance of Voice

The recent upheaval developing in Egypt highlights what companies can do when out of the box thinking is required and using good old voice “apps”. Only a few weeks ago, Google acquired SayNow, a service which allows users to create a voice message which can then be forwarded to become social via Twitter, Facebook, mobile…

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AdWords Automated Rules Ends Sleepless Nights

Martyn Wright, Implementation Manager at ClickThrough, reveals how Automated Rules will help marketers get a good nights sleep. News of a fairly major feature in Adwords has emerged today … Automated Rules. This new feature from the Google AdWords team lets you pause, activate or change bids at campaign, adgroup, keyword or ad level when certain criteria…

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Yahoo! Launches AdLabs to Push Online Marketing Boundaries

In this post, Head of Digital Marketing, John Newton, explains why the launch of Yahoo! AdLabs is good news for those who want to push the boundaries of online marketing. The granddaddy of online advertising, Yahoo!, have announced the launch of Yahoo! AdLabs, part of their established Labs scientific department that is responsible for driving many…

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Four Web Services We Will Miss in 2011

2010 was the year that new, exciting web services changed the way we used the web; Foursquare, Tumblr and Groupon anyone? Conversely, it was also the year that a number of well-loved web services fell by the wayside. Here are a few of the more notable casualties: 1) Google Wave – if proof was needed…

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Freemium Revenue in a Recession

There is no doubt about it – money will be tighter during 2011, especially for consumers. As cuts begin to be felt, and price hikes become inevitable, hard cash will be less available to the average shopper. This will in turn affect businesses, who will need to cover rising costs. Potentially, it could become a…

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Video Content and Internet TV

The growth of video and the ease which it can now be accessed over broadband connections means that video content should begin to feature more highly for all businesses marketing online. In addition, it is now time for Internet TV to begin to reach mass market adoption – Apple TV launched in 2006, and 2010…

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Mobile Marketing, You and 2011

Christmas 2010 will have seen yet more smartphones and iPads gifted and purchased. This will mean that the number of people accessing the Net on pads, tablets and phones will continue to rise. And hence, you will need to consider reaching these people through mobile marketing. Originally, the term meant simply sending a text message…

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