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Set your store by Trusted Stores

Google announced its Trusted Store program for US merchants last autumn. This last week, Google has acquired KikScore and its underlying technology, which would seem, along with the announcement about Google Shopping, to imply that anyone running an e-commerce operation will need to focus far more in the future on delivering great customer service, conducting…

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Mobile E-Commerce for any business

As smartphones, mobiles and tablets become more prevalent, and wi-fi hotspots mean that data transfer can cost next to zero (a cup of coffee and a bun in many places), so we are seeing an explosion in mobile marketing. Geo-location and location based marketing aim to attract and encourage customers within a locality with services…

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Paypal gets it wrong

It is very difficult for any company to manage its staff, reputation, social media, and so on. However, when you are as large as Paypal, it is extremely important to get it right. Or you risk the wrath of a worldwide community. As has happened in the last 24 hours. Social media can be used…

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How to win in the Christmas Bonanza

Retail sales are already down 1.6% and high street stores are slashing their prices with the Boxing Day sales starting 21 days early. So, as a company looking to cash in on this seasonal spree, what do you need to be doing *today*? BBC News had an interesting piece with a shopper this morning, who…

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Market to women – they are driving the Net

OK, that might be a slightly over-hyped view, and will undoubtedly fall foul of all those female driver jokes, but there is an opinion piece doing the rounds that seems to imply that females are: a) setting up more new e-commerce and internet companies than men b) supporting social and internet sites more than men…

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Have Etsy taken “social” one step too far?

The breaking story today in the social world is the development at Etsy which has led to all buyers’ personal details and purchases being able to be searched by anyone. Whatever they have bought, and whenever they bought it. The theory behind the changes appears to be that people shop based on the recommendations of…

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