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The Future of Social Media and the Travel Industry

In this post, Head of Digital Marketing, John Newton, considers emerging trends in the way that the Travel industry is using social media and offers a few predictions along the way. ClickThrough have recently been asked to share our views on the how social media will change the Travel industry over the next few years….

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Net Neutrality and Your Business

In the UK, the discussion about net neutrality continues, but now it is becoming more obvious what the impact of non-net neutrality could have on businesses. The main argument for net neutrality is that users should be allowed to view whatever content they choose, and Internet Service Providers should not be allowed to ‘prioritise’ traffic…

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How Safe is Your Site?

The recent exposure and publication of the emails of a law firm showed how easily confidential information can be posted on the Net. However, a more troubling problem is the proximity of any web user to malware, or malicious software or content, even through seemingly trustable websites and businesses. A recent report by Websense shows…

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Amazon Launch Video Reviews

Whatever you sell, whether it is a book, e-book, electronic equipment, music, groceries, or any other of the myriad products you can now sell through Amazon, it is worth making the most of the sections offered to your business by Amazon to convert visitors to purchasers. You should always add a beguiling product description, clear…

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Will GMail Priority Inbox affect your email campaign?

Gmail, with 175 million monthly users worldwide, is rolling out its new Priority Inbox service, and it is beginning to create certain levels of concern amongst email marketers. Many other email packages offer similar filtering options and some automatically and intelligently deal with spam, but Google has made the whole process more simple for all…

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Useful Data Mining for Businesses

Companies who have collected and analysed data over the years have often exhibited a considerable competitive edge; none more so than Google, who have taken data acquisition for advertising revenue to extremes – often at the expense of popularity with some who take exception to this level of data mining. However, the quantity of data…

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The Day Your Phone Lived Up To Its Potential

For many companies, interactivity is still an issue. We seem to be locked in a 20th century management world where customers should spend and not be heard. However, this denies the clear indications that many consumers now spend their time online before deciding where to spend their money. The decisions they make are not related…

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And The Conversion Award Goes To… ClickThrough

The TopSEOs awards for August 2010 are out, and ClickThrough has been given two of them! We’re delighted to see that we have been ranked fifth in the global Conversion Enhancement category, the only UK headquartered internet marketing company to make the list. TopSEOs state that they judge companies on their ability to conduct client…

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