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Ad Extensions and Ad Rank – What the Recent Changes Mean for PPC

Google’s Ad Rank formula now takes ad extensions into account, as well as quality score and CPCs. In this post, senior PPC account executive Joe Farley looks at the potential implications for PPC managers. PPC just got a little bit more complicated. Google is now taking ad extensions into account when calculating Ad Rank. What…

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After eBay: Testing PPC Effectiveness

In his featured post this month, Dr Dave Chaffey looks at the fallout from eBay’s recently-released PPC report, and gives his thoughts on the importance of adequately testing PPC effectiveness. A recent piece of research published by members of the eBay Research Labs received a fair amount of coverage since it suggests eBay may have…

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Go Global With ClickThrough’s Multilingual Search Engine Marketing Services

According to a recent article published on CMO.com, 73% of the world’s online population is made up of non-English native speakers. That’s a massive proportion of the online marketplace that – for many companies – simply goes untapped. Due to recent recruitment in our client services team, ClickThrough Marketing now has increased multilingual search marketing…

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Geo targeting will put you on the map

The search engines have been focussing on geolocators and geo targetting for quite some time now in order to provide location and device based search results. These are often felt to be of more relevance to a user during specific search types eg when shopping, rather than researching. There are several factors which determine the…

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Multilingual SEO quick tips

If you are considering a multi-lingual SEO and search marketing campaign, it is worth considering whether local versions of the website should be locally hosted. This can make an impact on SEO and alongside submitting to local directories and search engines, take a look at local hosting as a further option for your multi-lingual SEO….

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Multi Lingual SEO – getting it wrong!

As an end of the week moment, here are a few, possibly apocryphal, tales of products that got ‘lost in translation’, written as an accompaniment to an article about multi-lingual SEM. This is a reminder to all that, when attempting to conduct internet marketing overseas, it is wise to use someone who knows the lie…

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