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Google announce caffeine launch

Back in August, Google announced an ‘under the hood’ upgrade for the search engine called ‘Caffeine’. Today, Matt Cutts has blogged about the next stage of Caffeine roll-out. Basically, Caffeine will be going live at one data centre only, meaning that engineers etc can continue to gather data and test the technology. This will NOT…

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Ready to surf the Google wave?

Google Wave will be launched on Sept 30th to 100,o00 invitees. If you haven’t already studied what Google Wave will be bringing to the online world, you need to start today. Mashable have created a clear guide to Google Wave, which is well worth reading, and there are thousands of articles on Google Wave out…

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Phone call tracking add-on for Google Analytics

We are very pleased today to announce the launch of our add-on for phone call tracking with Google Analytics. This add-on allows you to track phone call conversions from any source – banners, affiliates, forums, as well as PPC and organic searches. The importance of demonstrating ROI to internet marketing clients can never be under-estimated,…

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4 ways to compare Caffeine and Google

SEOs around the globe are trying to discover the implications of the ‘under the hood’ changes that come with Google caffeine (which is currently down for a few hours maintenance, it seems). There are already various tools to compare the old (decaf) version of Google with the new one. Facesaerch comparison tool Google Caffeine…

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Friendfeed+ Facebook = a sea change for SEO

For those still mired in ye olde worlde of search engine optimision eg on page, off page, a dash of PPC, a smidgen of article marketing, some brief sojourns into forum marketing, and, of course backlinks and link marketing, yesterday’s announcement that Facebook have acquired Friendfeed means that it really is time now to take…

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Anti-trust gunning for Google?

This week’s Wired magazine offers a worthwhile read about how Christine Varney, Obama’s head of the Justice Department’s anti-trust division, seems to be looking to repeat the anti-trust suits against Microsoft in the 1990s with Google. Whilst there will always be those who are fiercely loyal to Google, it is beginning to seem that there…

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