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Four easy SEO tips to meet search engine guidelines

Let’s not beat about the bush: if you don’t follow search engine guidelines, you’re taking a gamble. As an agency, we stick to ethical search engine optimisation techniques – it’s never a good idea to gamble with a client’s website by pushing the boundaries of acceptable Internet marketing. The wider world of SEO and online…

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How To Fix Auto Post Thumbnail on WordPress 3.4 (SEO-Friendly!)

Have your thumbnails gone missing since upgrading to WordPress 3.4? Are you using the Auto Post Thumbnail plugin? Turns out you’re not alone. The problem is down to the new way WordPress stores additional data (metadata) associated with a post – in this case the thumbnail WordPress should display on index pages etc. Existing hotfixes…

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Elements of a Successful AdWords Campaign

Whilst it is evident that numerous businesses use Google AdWords, a surprising number do not really think about maximising their campaigns, and lose out on valuable traffic as a result. AdWords allows businesses to create paid ads, which will return alongside organic search results when Google users type a certain search keyword. Google only charges…

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Understanding Canonicalisation

Put simply, canonicalisation means… well, actually, it’s not that simple. Let’s start with some definitions of “canon” – going way back to the days of Pachelbel’s compositions and Shakespeare’s scribblings. Pachelbel’s Canon – much like the London’s Burning nursery rhyme – uses a set melody which is then repeated verbatim over the top of itself….

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How to PPC: The Importance of Utilising URL Tracking in Google Analytics

We have a running in-joke in the ClickThrough Marketing office, between the content team and our pay per click staff, which basically centres around the misconception that PPC is easy . We tend to mock our hardworking PPC account execs – claiming that they just have to set the clicks at 20p each, then sit…

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Status Codes and Their Effects

The world of status codes sounds like a world of incredibly geeky technical jargon – where servers talk in a secret language, spoken only in snidey, sarcastic tones to the technically illiterate when something goes wrong. To some extent, that’s exactly right. However, for any website owner, knowing what status codes mean, and what they…

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Is A/B Testing a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Ask any business at the top of its sector how it got there, and the answer will invariably involve a lot of hard work, and a lot of trial and error. Trial and error is an invaluable tool: yes, nobody wants to make mistakes. But if you don’t make mistakes, you can’t learn or improve….

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Upcoming Google Adwords Keyword Matching Changes: Are You Ready?

Mid-May is set to be a busy time for paid search marketers. This is all thanks to search giant Google and a few changes that have been announced for its Adwords program. These will subtly alter the way in which search results are matched to keywords. Subtle changes perhaps, but an adjustment that will have…

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How to earn big money on Pinterest

It would seem that scammers have been quick to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon, using fake Pinterest and Twitter accounts, harnessed to affiliate links, to generate revenue. Pinterest will need to take action to prevent this becoming more widespread but the process for the scammers is little different to that which a genuine business can…

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