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Can Google’s Paid and Organic Report Unlock ‘Not Provided’?

Not provided keywords in Google Analytics are on the rise. However, there are other ways to track which search queries are bringing traffic – such as Analytics’ search query data, and the new paid and organic report – as SEO co-ordinator, Tom Williams, explains. If you’re up to speed on SEO, you’ll know that Google recently pressed…

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Could Facebook’s New Lookalike Targeting Be Worth a Look?

New marketing options from the main digital marketing services like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn are all too frequent. Often they are simply “tweaks” to an existing service, but the method of targeting and payment remains similar. However, I was struck by Facebook’s recent announcement of Lookalike audience targeting. If you missed the original announcement I…

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Online, Offline: It’s All Digital Marketing

A senior Google staff member has quashed rumours of Google-branded high street shops, saying they aren’t needed as customers can find all the product information they need online. In light of the news, ClickThrough’s senior online copywriter Oliver Pyper ruminates on the ever-blurring boundaries between offline and online marketing. Google is part of our everyday…

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From Austin to Jagger – five Google updates without animal names

When Google launched its Panda and Penguin updates, it’s fair to say it ruffled more than a few feathers in the search industry. However, this isn’t anything new – Google updates its search algorithm hundreds of times each year. Many of these are just tweaks: but every so often, Google changes something big. Here, ClickThrough…

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The big Internet marketing news stories of 2012

If you’re confusing pandas and penguins, and you think the cookie law is getting tough on the chocolate chip industry, then you’ve probably missed a few big Internet marketing stories this year. The worlds of SEO, PPC and social move fast, so to help you get up to date on the big gossip of 2012,…

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Google, keywords and the case of the disappearing data

Several public-facing keyword tools have been shelved after Google cracked down on web apps which don’t adhere to its terms of service. Here, ClickThrough Marketing’s web applications manager, Neil Paterson, summarises what is going on. It may sound like the title of a terrible fantasy film, but the reality is that Google is now withholding…

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How do you treat “not provided” natural search keywords from Google?

A year ago I flagged up in a post for ClickThrough how Google had changed their method of reporting search referrals into analytics systems. In their announcement Google explained it this way: “When a signed in user visits your site from an organic Google search, all web analytics services, including Google Analytics, will continue to…

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How to PPC: Ambiguous keywords

When it comes to communication, context can be all-important. Misunderstandings can lead to all sorts of problems: even during real-life conversation, certain words or phrases could be misinterpreted, have a double meaning, or muddy an otherwise crystal clear point. When it comes to PPC accounts and search engines, ambiguous words are a really important thing…

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How to PPC: The Benefits of Using Modified Broad Match Keywords

Running a successful PPC campaign involves a lot of important elements. For paid search marketers, Google provides its AdWords tool to help with traffic control, including various keyword options which can be used on their own or together. The latter option could require a higher budget than some businesses can afford to put into paid…

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