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The Power of the SEO Headline

Lisa Coghlan explains the importance of headlines from an SEO and user perspective. Read on as she explains how introducing some psychological techniques into your writing can urge users to click. There is an unfathomable amount of content online, which makes it incredibly difficult for yours to stand out. With so much competition out there…

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NAP Consistency: How Your Phone Number Can Impact SEO

You might have heard the term ‘NAP consistency’ thrown around, without really understanding what it means. Tom Williams has created this beginner’s guide to help you make sense of this SEO consideration, and understand why it’s so important for your search rankings. So, What is NAP Consistency? NAP is an abbreviation for ‘Name, Address, Phone…

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Beth’s SEO How-Tos: Using the New Blocked Resources Report in Google Webmaster Tools

Last month Google Webmaster Tools released a tool that shows where Googlebot is blocked from accessing certain resources. Don’t know where to start? Follow me… What is the Blocked Resources Report? Blocked Resources is a new report within Google Webmaster Tools, released on 11 March. Working hand-in-hand with this is the Fetch and Render tool,…

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The Ins and Outs of Canonical Tagging

Confused about canonical tags and how to use them? Digital & Technical executive Tom Williams has created this quick starters guide that details everything you need to know about these SEO essentials. So, What is a Canonical Tag? A canonical tag is a HTML link element that has been designed to help webmasters prevent issues…

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Out With the Old, In With the New: How New Website Content Can Boost Your SEO

Discover SEO content techniques that can increase your site’s visibility with Lisa Coghlan. Read on to learn how fresh content combined with internal linking techniques, regular audits, and CRO can set you up with an on-going content strategy to influence rankings. You’ve built a fully functional, responsive website, which is now starting to see a…

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SEO: How to Track On-Page Content Results Using Webmaster Tools Search Queries

Since the rise of ‘not provided’ keywords in Google Analytics, SEOs have had to rely on multiple data sources to track the progress of on-page content optimisation. But, as our own example shows, this can only be a good thing… When Google announced encrypted search was to be the default for all Google users, it…

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