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Stuff SEO – you gotta get in to INBOUND marketing

There have been growing disputes (finally!) about the terms “SEO and SEM” being outdated. There are those who define internet marketing as search engine optimisation, PPC and a bit of link marketing. But for those who have been in the business for a while, internet marketing is a much wider subject with far more actions….

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Engage your audience with chat

There seems to be a commonly recurring theme in the blog posts recently about how important it is to talk to and listen to your customers. It really is not all about SEO if you want to win business, market share and higher search engine rankings – it is about adopting a holistic policy to…

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Do you need a Facebook vanity URL?

Facebook have announced the launch of vanity URLs this coming weekend, which means that instead of an indistinguishable FB URL for your profile, you will now be able to have for instance. There are a variety of views on this latest FB development, as always, ranging from the outraged through to those who think…

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Managing your online reputation

To follow up on the post yesterday about respecting your customers and keeping an eye on what is being said about your company, just thought we would add This site searches google, digg, facebook, twitter, youtube, friendfeed and many more social networking and social media websites to provide you with real time results for…

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5 Tips on How to Respect your Customers

There has been a massive sea change in marketing because of the internet. As the internet becomes even more real-time, consumers are becoming prosumers in a way that means the olde worlde marketing models are defunct. It is no longer about CRM and discounted products or deals. Customers are looking for better value products, not…

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Twitter to launch verified accounts

There have been reports of impersonations on Twitter, and in response, an announcement was made this week about the launch of a beta for verified accounts to prevent impersonations. The beta version will primarily focus on people in public office, celebrities, athletes and public agencies where the likelihood of impersonation is highest. However, it does…

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