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YouTube To Try Pilot Partner Program For Digital Marketing Advertisers

YouTube has confirmed it will be opening its partner program to advertisers in the near future. The hugely popular video-sharing site will provide a service in September much like its current partner program: A scheme dedicated to helping content creators monetise their video creations. In total more than one million content creators are now part [...]

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Poor content marketing causing an invasion of ‘zombie content’

With the Internet marketing world attempting to capitalise on the current content marketing buzz, SEO commentators are warning that the web is being besieged by an invasion of horrific ‘zombie content’. A timely caution, given that it’s Hallowe’en, but a pertinent one nonetheless. The problem is content for the sake of content. Some businesses, instead [...]

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Windows 8 will be return to “digital dark ages”, says Mozilla

Mozilla, creators of popular internet browser Firefox, claim Microsoft is restricting user choice in Windows 8, by only supporting Internet Explorer. In a potential online PR disaster for Microsoft, both Mozilla and Google have raised public concerns about the future of Windows operating systems. Harvey Anderson, from Mozilla’s general counsel, claims Microsoft will return Windows [...]

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Bloggers more important than ever for PR professionals

Most PR professionals use blogging as part of their internet marketing strategy, according to research conducted by DWPub. The study found that a massive 98 per cent find them “useful or invaluable”, and 82 per cent are actively working with bloggers to develop an effective online marketing programme. 74 per cent, meanwhile, felt that interaction [...]

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