An expert has advised firms to keep their search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics as simple as possible in order to see success.

According to Joel Comm, an author and teacher, all a company needs to optimise their website for search engines is common sense and some simple strategies.

He told Success Magazine that Google and other search engines tend to look for natural content the most when indexing the web.

Mr Comm advised: "If you are preparing your content properly, your article header and body text are going to naturally contain keywords relevant to your topic.

"Be sure that your meta tags and title tag reflect the keyword content accurately as well."

He claimed that natural search marketing is more important than paid search and highlighted the importance of regularly adding new, relevant content to websites, as well as obtaining incoming links from other related sites.

Google combines PageRank – which sees inbound links as favourable ‘votes’ for that website – with text-matching techniques to return the most relevant results to searchers.

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