Website marketing service providers should be prepared to expect changes in the way they will have to operate in 2011 in order to manage new developments and shifts in search behaviour.

This is the opinion of Search Engine Watch's Horst Joepen, who suggested several innovations and new products that were introduced in 2010 will continue to have a major impact on the sector into next year.

He predicted that the rise of social media would be a "game changer" for many companies, highlighting developments such as the Facebook/Bing partnership and new features added to facilities such as Google Places as important areas for search engine optimisation specialists to focus on.

Mr Joepen also stated "trustbaiting" would be a key factor in generating high rankings, explaining that high-quality social campaigns that users had confidence in would require marketers to develop a more sophisticated link-building strategy in order to build reputation.

It was also recently stated by Yahoo! vice-president Shashi Seth that advertisers would need new ways of analysing data in 2011 to determine the best way to create a successful promotion.

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