Search engine optimisation (SEO) and PR departments have been advised to consider working together in order to enhance their brands.

Kevin Gibbons, posting on the Econsultancy blog, observed that the two teams often conflict in terms of their personal attributes.

He noted that SEO executives are more likely to be "technology fiends", while PR personnel tend to be "arts graduates with a passion for creativity", but he stated that it is necessary for both budgets work to as hard as possible in complementary ways.

Mr Gibbons further remarked that, when they are not collaborating, the success of strategies such as blogging suffers "a real blow", as search engine marketing staff are not necessarily as creative as PR members and press officers may not have in-depth understanding of how to optimise content.

This comes after Last Click News recently commented that SEO efforts must be used by businesses, with link building one of the most important facets of the technique. However, the news source also said that it should not be employed in isolation and pay per click must also be integrated.

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