Highlighting the importance of a solid search engine optimisation strategy, a new report has found that the results delivered by search engines vary dramatically.

A study by Dogpile and InfoSpace found that the front-page ranked organic search results on the four leading search engines overlapped by less than one per cent.

Furthermore, 88.3 per cent of all results were unique to one search engine while only 0.6 per cent were shared by Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask, e-consultancy reports.

The disparity was not only evident in organic search but also in paid research results. The research found that on 22.8 per cent of queries, Yahoo! returned one or more sponsored links compared to none by Google.

However, in 9.9 per cent of cases, Google brought up one or more links whereas Yahoo! did not produce any.

Last week, e-consultancy noted that 60.8 per cent of Yahoo! users and 72.3 per cent of Google users prefer to follow the organic listings rather than sponsored links when conducting a search.

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