A group of search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing (SEM) specialists have outlined some of the problems faced by internet marketers.

Speaking to Search Engine Land, a group of experts including Melanie Mitchell, vice president of SEO and SEM at AOL and George Bounacos, senior manager of SEM at Innovectra, said that convincing companies of the importance of SEO and SEM was often difficult.

The group told Search Engine Land’s Simon Heseltine that influencing an organisation can be extremely difficult if there are a number of people with different personalities and opinions.

It was noted that often when large groups of people get together the goals and objectives of the search engine marketer may not align with that of the client and it is important to get across how best to tackle a campaign.

However, this can be made more difficult if the people you are working with have a knowledge of SEO and SEM based on snippets of information that have been picked up from a number of different sources and due to the volume of hints and tips as well as advice and guides that can be found online this can often happen, the group agreed.

It was also agreed that part of the problem with this information is that the world of search, pay-per-click and online marketing is constantly evolving and what may be good practice today may be outdated tomorrow.

Mr Bounacos said the biggest challenge he faced in the industry was making sure that a client’s strategic needs are finely balanced within the dynamic nature of the industry. He said that although it was tempting to take advantage of every new development in the field this can sometimes conflict with the best interests of the customer.

According to Ms Mitchell, it is also important for marketers to have the ability to juggle a number of jobs and not be afraid to continually move from project to project within a campaign – while still keeping the overall strategy in mind.

AOL has made a number of streamlining changes including significant redundancies as the company continues to transform its business into one entirely focussed on internet marketing.

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