Chris Sherman, executive editor of Search Engine Land (SEL) will today conduct a webcast looking to address some of the problems faced by online advertising and search engine optimisation.

According to SEL, despite the good rankings that paid placement search advertising programs provide, problems such as the manual management of bidding processes can often arise.

"What happens when your campaign grows to hundreds, thousands or even millions of listings? Managing the bidding process manually becomes a nightmare – perhaps even impossible," the site says.

In the webcast, which will be available online from 17:00 BST, Chris Sherman will also discuss how paid placement can be effective without the time and money-consuming alternative of organic SEO.

Details on the webcast can be found at and should be available for download using the site’s on demand service thereafter.

Other recent webcasts available from the site include Landing Page Optimization: Crank Up Your Search Results, Online Travel Search: Tapping into Consumer Trends and Chris Sherman’s Strategic Competitive Intelligence For Search Marketers.

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