Search engine marketing (SEM) and optimisation (SEO) requires outsourcing as well as having reliable in-house staff, according to one expert.

Search strategist and editor of Search Marketing Trends Chris Boggs, claims although recruiting staff to manage marketing campaigns is increasingly important "the ideal strategy is to get the best of both worlds".

In his blog for the ClickZ network Mr Boggs says that, as many executives were now coming around to the power of SEO and SEM, it was important for companies to ensure they were getting the right support.

"One should hire the best possible internal staff, but also solicit the support of a search engine marketing firm or a search-proven agency, in order to get the most out of internet marketing efforts," he said.

He adds that both in-house and outsourced staff should maintain good levels of communication and that the trick is to find "the right level of skill on both sides".

Earlier this week a spokesman for the Federation of Small Businesses said that businesses not taking notice of current SEO and SEM trends could struggle in the online marketplace.

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