Integrating tasks and controlling the use of search engine optimisation techniques are among two tips being offered by Google expert Ricardo Prada.

Writing and presenting on the adsense blogspot, Mr Prada is running a series of presentations designed to offer best practice advice designed to help firms – such as those interested in internet marketing – combat the current economic downturn and help them generate revenue.

In his latest post, Mr Prada suggests that websites can be more effective if they are both efficient and fun.

The expert advises firms to list the top three things that they want their site’s user to achieve and then design web-oriented tasks that will allow them to complete these goals.

Mr Prada adds that firms should employ search engine optimisation techniques, but only when it is appropriate to the users.

He argues that page titles are useful when they apply directly to the content on the page and help navigate around the site.

However, he adds: "On the other hand, there are lots of sneaky strategies out there for improving search engine rank. Most of those don’t work anymore, and they might actually harm your site’s reputation."

On its guidance to webmasters on SEO, Google states it will "respond negatively" to any misleading practices that are designed to artificially inflate a search engine’s ranking.

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