Search engine optimisation (SEO) is more important to establishing a successful website than flashy design, one expert has suggested.

According to Rob Jones in an article for Promotion World, there is little point in companies spending large sums of money on improving how a site looks if they are not receiving a decent volume of web traffic.

He states that there are "endless sources" online that will advise the best methods to achieve this but notes that understanding the basics first of all is key.

It is suggested that a well built website should be standard for companies and that good use of keywords and back links can be essential, but these must be kept up to date as SEO is an ongoing process.

"It is very beneficial to your business to continually try to improve your performance as there is always someone competing against you for that top spot," he concludes.

Last month, Scott Huegerich of PR Newswire said that keyword-rich content was the most vital element of an SEO campaign.

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