Search engine optimisation should be an integral element of a website’s initial design and development but to maximise its benefits, marketers need to make it an “ongoing journey”, an expert has claimed.

Writing on Promotion World, Kabir Bedi of LeXolution said reviewing and refining search engine optimisation once a site has gone live can be critical in moving that page up the search engine rankings.

Over time, for example, linked pages can move or be removed entirely, so to ensure a “seamless navigation experience” for users, marketers need to ensure their links are functioning and pointing in the right direction, he said.

Website pages should also have a “unique and descriptive” title tag – ideally one that includes relevant keywords.

When it comes to keywords, Mr Bedi added that in order to rank well in search engine results, marketers need to follow what their target audience is searching for and adjust their key phrases accordingly.

Tom Arah recently wrote on the PC Pro blog that sites should avoid packing their pages with keywords and instead focus on selecting the most relevant phrases for their target audience.

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