An interesting new study has been published by ScreenPages showing that whilst only a small percentage of site visitors use site search (around 5% on average), those that do demonstrate conversion rates of on average over 50% higher than those that don’t.

The survey covered 39 sites with over 3million visitors. Interestingly, the conversion rates on some sites were shown to be more than double when site search was used, and those with guided search which lead visitors to the products required had conversion rates of over 17%.

We all know how difficult it is to find the precise product or information that we are looking for on large sites with hundreds or thousands of products and pages, but even a seemingly small website can manage to hide the required information a visitor is seeking unless navigation is supremely intuitive.

Whether you have a small website or product range, it would seem that site search is essential. Particularly in this day and age where competition is fierce and patience of the average Internet user is at a minimum.

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