According to an internet marketing behaviour survey out this week conducted by Microsoft’s AdCenter, 73% of small businesses would rather do their taxes than plan or implement a search engine marketing campaign.

400 small businesses in the US were surveyed, and whilst the majority do take steps to develop a website, the vast majority do nothing to market their online presence. 59% do not use Pay Per Click as a marketing tool, and of those, 90% had never even attempted to.

So, whilst 9 out of 10 of those surveyed suspect they may be missing a trick or two, as well as some serious opportunities in this economically tough time, there is major apathy, or perhaps fear, about implementing search engine and internet marketing within the small business community.

After almost 14 years in this game, I would strongly suspect that similar figures would be obtained in the UK if small businesses were quizzed about their online marketing strategies and behaviour.

In order to run PPC campaigns well, you need to up the game, monitor and use bid management tools. Which is why many businesses bring in the experts to manage PPC bids and campaigns. However, to run a basic PPC campaign and win extra traffic for your website and qualified leads for your business is definitely not rocket science. You won’t even need to hold on to your hat!!

To get you started and help you overcome your fear of the unknown, there is a FREE best practice guide to implementing a successful PPC campaign here for you today!.Small businesses must grasp the nettle of Internet marketing and start to implement IM campaigns now in order to beat the recession.

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