There are many ways in which small businesses can effectively improve their online marketing and search engine optimisation campaigns – and one expert has suggested 30.

According to an article for, Carrie Hill states that many businesses on a limited budget may feel like mounting a serious website marketing strategy is difficult but that very often this can be done easily.

She suggests writing a press release and sending this on to any number of agencies who distribute such material for free, such as, and

This press release can also be sent on to local media outlets that may be interested in the product or service that the business in question provides, which could also have a positive effect on the amount of online presence the company has.

Updating a Google Maps Listing and ensuring online data is accurate as well as utilising social networking sites such as Bebo, Facebook and Myspace is also a good way to engage with the online public and can be useful if done well. However, she advises that gaining trust in this community is essential and starting out by pushing a product is not the right approach.

Forums are a great way to extend this online community and Ms Hill suggests talking to people in the same industry or location as well as commenting on blogs which are relevant to the business you are in.

Making your presence known on Wikipedia,, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress, Yahoo Local,, GoogleBase – as well as Youtube or MetaCafe – are all a good idea and writing unique HTML page titles will boost search engine optimisation also, she adds.

Keyword tools, keyword phrases and web analytics should be employed and pay-per-click advertising noted. Mapping tests are also recommended for important pages.

As well as a regular contributor to, Carrie Hill is noted as a certified search engine marketing expert and has posted a number of related articles this year, including How To Outrank Your SEO Competitors in February.

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