A new study has suggested that social media will give internet marketers an opportunity to implement effective strategies as economic concerns gain momentum.

Forrester Research has published a new report indicating that social networking sites and blogging are more likely to blossom during times of economic woe due to their resistance to tightened budgets within the industry, reports Adweek.

The report highlights the differences in attitudes within the sector compared to the last economic downturn, when spending focused on more tried and tested internet channels.

Forrester analyst Josh Bernoff outlined that last time there was a lot of "mindless investment online", while today, companies are finding that social media applications are providing great value-for-money and useful marketing tools.

However, Mr Bernoff warned that marketers are still likely to look to direct response vehicles because they can be tied to sales and so it is the "challenge" for social media to provide measurable results.

Meanwhile, Accounting Web has reported on a recent seminar with the Chartered Institute of Marketing at Warwick University which advised marketers that effective web marketing relied on an effective website.

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