Entrepreneur.com recently published an article displaying the common misconceptions made about social media marketing. In response to this, the site has allowed vice president of business development at GraphEffect, Greg Lieber, to produce a rebuttal, entitled “Five truths about social media marketing.”

Here is a selection of the responses directed at the original article’s list of “misconceptions”:

  • Size does matter, actually – Possessing a large group of ‘fans’ or ‘followers’ on Facebook provides an extremely valuable channel for distribution. Lieber states: “The more people signing up to view your message, the more likely you’ll be able to effectively cultivate and monetize these relationships.”
  • Medium is the message – Both the medium and message are linked. Social media has given marketers a fantastic opportunity to distribute their message in a way that is unique. Brands that are performing the best integrate the two seamlessly, Lieber says.
  • ‘New’ media – social media certainly is – Whilst traditional textbook principles still provide the foundations for brand marketing, both marketing and advertising are “yielding to this wild and crazy ‘new media’.” Social media marketers who show marketing basics within this so-called ‘new media’ are those that display the best results, according to Lieber.

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