Are you spending time worrying about SEO? Or worse, spending untold money trying to move up the search engine results pages only to find that for no good reason your website has vanished from the top 100 pages?

If you find your days and nights are haunted by keyword research, writing META tags, hunting down keyword density tools, aching over whether the copy is sufficiently optimised……

Then, STOP!

Open your website right now and ask yourself these simple questions:

1. Does my website look good?

2. Does it tell a prospective customer everything they need to know about my products and services?

3. Does it include useful, helpful, valuable, content about my products and services eg how to manuals, articles, links to other resources and so on?

4. Does it include full contact details that are easy to find from every page?

5. Does it sell? Or, from a customer point of view, is it easy to buy?

6. Have I recently added some fresh content for regular visitors?

If the answer to all of the above is “Yes”, then you do not need to keep worrying about SEO. What you need to do is find who your customers are and where they hang out – in forums, in blogging communities, on Twitter, in social networks, etc – and go and talk to them. Network. Socialise. Share your experience and help people out. Build your reputation as a good person to deal with and you will find that on its own will encourage people to check you out, remember you, recommend you.

When you are asked questions and can give a great answer, add it to the FAQ on your site to help someone else.

There is far more that will attract your target audience to your website than just SEO. Word of mouse is far more effective in finding your target audience. Think beyond the search engines.

If your answer to any of the above is “No”, then you need to resolve some very basic issues with your website before anything else.

And when you feel you have got enough customers from being social, then you may wish to have a look at your needs for SEO again. And you may find it is no longer required because satisfied customers and people you have met in your ‘socialising’ are doing more than a little on-page SEO could do by linking to you, recommending you in blogs, on Twitter, to their networks and so on.

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