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Twitter Adds Audience Insights to its Analytics Dashboards

Twitter has upgraded its analytics tools with audience insights, a new dashboard that helps brands and users understand what makes their audiences tick. Launched yesterday, the dashboard offers information on user interests, purchasing behaviour, TV viewing habits, occupation and more. Users can also compare their follower data against Twitter users as a whole. Twitter says […]

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How Can We Put a Value on the SEO Benefits of Content Marketing?

In this month’s featured post, Dr Dave Chaffey looks at a few methods for attributing value to content marketing campaigns. With the increased focus on content marketing and the investment needed to compete, it’s natural that more people are questioning the returns from content marketing. This was the case in the recent ClickThrough webinar I…

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Using Advanced Segments in Google Analytics to Improve Digital Marketing

For this month’s featured post, Dr Dave Chaffey gives the lowdown on the new Advanced Segments in Google Analytics. Read on to learn how to make the most of the new segmentation approach to analyse the effectiveness of digital marketing. Did you notice the announcement earlier in July by Google that it’s introducing a new…

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ClickThrough team gains another Google AdWords qualification

Another member of the ClickThrough Marketing team has aced their Google AdWords qualification: and they don’t even work on SEO or PPC campaigns. Neil Paterson, web development manager, is usually tasked with performing technical jiggery-pokery on websites. But as ClickThrough strives to get all staff to pass exams in Google’s products, Neil has become the…

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How to PPC: Are Averages Good Enough for Paid Search?

Naturally, any business that runs PPC marketing campaigns keeps a careful eye on Analytics. One particularly pertinent figure that will be under constant observation is the average cost per acquisition (CPA), which can give rise to all sorts of problems. Averages appear everywhere and in all walks of life. Almost everyone uses the phrase, ‘the…

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How to SEO: Four Common Mistakes and Problems

Many SEOs and Internet marketers are still failing to get a good balance between on and off-page optimisation. Often, this comes about because they are focusing too much on external activities, such as link building. This means they tend to neglect basic housekeeping on the web pages themselves. 1. Trying to get results too quickly….

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How to PPC: Six Potential Causes of a High Bounce Rate

If your Analytics are regularly showing a higher than average bounce rate for one or more of your landing pages, there is probably a good reason for it. All Internet marketers know that website visitors are notoriously difficult to please – and there are several factors that could explain why they are hitting the back…

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Are you really No 1 on Google?

It’s fascinating that even after all these years involved with search engine and internet marketing, there are still those who believe that being in the top 10 results on a search engine is the only result that matters when promoting a business online. And, more interestingly, that many company executives believe that typing in the…

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Making the Most of Real-Time Analytics

Google has launched real-time analytics within Google Webmaster Tools and this now presents some great opportunities for co-ordinated marketing campaigns across a multitude of media with real-time tracking of results. What this means is that there is no more lengthy waiting to judge whether or not a campaign is working. By putting up a blog…

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