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LinkedIn buys SlideShare for $119m

Business networking site LinkedIn has acquired the team behind popular content sharing platform SlideShare. SlideShare – which allows professional users to create and host presentations, videos and PDFs online – was launched in 2006 and now has 29 million unique users a month. LinkedIn paid $119m (£74m) to acquire SlideShare, saying it aligns “perfectly” with [...]

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Facebook video chat – too little, too late?

The video chat feature that Facebook have announced in partnership with Skype is being rolled out today for millions of users. This is obviously a rolling program as we cannot yet see it yet, nor can we see the group chat facility that has been promised (more on that later). However, having been using Google+…

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Even Google is going off SEO! You need to, too.

For far too many years, too many people have believed that Search Engine Optimisation was the be all and end all of Internet Marketing. Millions of pounds have been spent (wasted?) on endeavouring to get to the top of the search engines; often without fully understanding, “WHY?” However, Google has taken steps recently that should…

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End of week roundup – Klout and Skype to FB, all to Google+

The big announcement this week has of course been Google+ and the limited field trial. Not so limited that people still aren’t managing to sneak in through various back doors! The general consensus from those within the field trial is positive, although obviously the entire reason for the trial is to find bugs and gather…

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