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Windows 8 will be return to “digital dark ages”, says Mozilla

Mozilla, creators of popular internet browser Firefox, claim Microsoft is restricting user choice in Windows 8, by only supporting Internet Explorer. In a potential online PR disaster for Microsoft, both Mozilla and Google have raised public concerns about the future of Windows operating systems. Harvey Anderson, from Mozilla’s general counsel, claims Microsoft will return Windows […]

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Google introduces Chrome extension: Google Related

Google has used its official blog to reveal the introduction of a new Chrome extension, Google Related. The tool will operate in the background while you browse, for example, a news article, working to find the most relevant and interesting material related to what you’re viewing. Included amongst the results are the categories: video (most […]

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Instant Pages speed up search

Searching through Google will take much less time after the company introduced a new Instant Pages feature. The new system will save several seconds on every search by predicting which result a user will click on. A series of complex algorithms use previous search history to determine the most likely destination for a user’s click. […]

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Google is listening

Search giant Google has introduced a new voice search feature to its Chrome browser. The change will allow users to click a button and speak directly into a microphone in their PC, rather than manually type in search terms. The technology was previously only available to mobile phone users. The feature is currently only available […]

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