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Panda 4.2: Content Remains Key to Avoiding Penalty

It’s been three months since Google’s Panda 4.2 update began to roll out, and content marketers are still trying to appease both Google and the reader in order to avoid penalties. Panda 4.2’s emphasis on creating quality content has increased significantly since the latest update. However, industry comment is mixed as to whether pandering to…

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8 Reasons Why Content Ideation is Vital to Digital Marketing

Ever faced writer’s block? It’s a digital marketing manager’s nightmare. But by carrying out a pre-planned content ideation session you can ensure your content flows smoothly and continuously, all year long. Read on to find out why content ideation is vital to your digital marketing plans. Content Ideation is a way of generating content ideas…

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Responsive Web Design: Think Outside the Box… Literally

‘Boxed-in’ websites are on the way out, says Alan Rowe, ClickThrough’s head of web development. Responsive web design means marketers need to give more thought to the ways content is delivered to users – and stop thinking about the ‘box’ altogether. You hear a lot of buzz-phrases bandied around in boardrooms – ‘blue-sky thinking’, ‘drill…

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Content Marketing Strategies Should Include Podcasts

A new report out today has suggested that businesses should include podcasts as part of the their online content marketing strategy as suggested by one expert on iPhone News Online. Most companies will consider online PR when compiling their online strategy but the use of podcasts is being overlooked according to expert Derek Gordon, saying […]

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SEO question generator tool

We all know that people like to use the search engines to get answers to questions, but when promoting our sites, creating content and so on, how do we know what questions they might be asking in their search queries? Well, look no further than the extremely useful Wordtracker question generator tool Let’s try some…

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Content is king for the search engines but…

What content should you be creating in 2009/2010? Back in the olden days of search engine optimisation, it was all about text. Building websites full of textual content, sending emails full of text, sharing text through bulletin boards, and so on. Most people had dial up modems and images just slowed the connections down to…

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Using automated article writing software – DON’T!

As a native English speaker, I shudder when I read internet marketing articles about SEO that contain the most appalling English. Prime examples of this crop up all over blogs where it is blatantly obvious that automated article writing software has been used to generate content. Here is one such example: SEO is a process…

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