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Could Facebook’s New Lookalike Targeting Be Worth a Look?

New marketing options from the main digital marketing services like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn are all too frequent. Often they are simply “tweaks” to an existing service, but the method of targeting and payment remains similar. However, I was struck by Facebook’s recent announcement of Lookalike audience targeting. If you missed the original announcement I…

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Rumoured Facebook Hashtags and Their Social Media Marketing Benefits

Following an underwhelming start to the year, Facebook is rumoured to be testing the use of hashtags. Synonymous with micro-blogging site Twitter, hashtags have proven to be a fantastic social media marketing tool. Here, ClickThrough copywriter Jack Adams looks at how the implementation of hashtags could benefit Facebook marketers. Although Facebook is by far and…

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The implications of Facebook Graph Search for marketers

I don’t believe that Facebook’s new Graph Search feature is a competitor to Google as some of the front page newspaper headlines have suggested. But it is a major new feature which Mark Zuckerburg hailed as “the third pillar of Facebook” after News Feed and Timeline. So it does warrant some serious thought. Facebook is…

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Graph Search, user apathy and digital marketing

Last week, Facebook announced its new Graph Search feature. But is it offering anything ‘new’? ClickThrough Marketing online copywriter, Martin Boonham, considers how users could benefit from the new search engine, and how it will impact digital marketing strategies. A little over a week ago today, Facebook officially announced its new search engine, Graph Search,…

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Facebook confirm Graph Search search engine: but it’s not a Google rival

In its much publicised news conference last night, Facebook officially confirmed that it will be launching its own search engine. Called Graph Search, the engine will offer a more natural way of searching content on the social networking site. However, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, was quick to emphasise that Graph Search is not a direct […]

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