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How to PPC: Ambiguous keywords

When it comes to communication, context can be all-important. Misunderstandings can lead to all sorts of problems: even during real-life conversation, certain words or phrases could be misinterpreted, have a double meaning, or muddy an otherwise crystal clear point. When it comes to PPC accounts and search engines, ambiguous words are a really important thing…

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How to PPC: Are Averages Good Enough for Paid Search?

Naturally, any business that runs PPC marketing campaigns keeps a careful eye on Analytics. One particularly pertinent figure that will be under constant observation is the average cost per acquisition (CPA), which can give rise to all sorts of problems. Averages appear everywhere and in all walks of life. Almost everyone uses the phrase, ‘the…

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How to PPC: Six Potential Causes of a High Bounce Rate

If your Analytics are regularly showing a higher than average bounce rate for one or more of your landing pages, there is probably a good reason for it. All Internet marketers know that website visitors are notoriously difficult to please – and there are several factors that could explain why they are hitting the back…

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How to PPC: Using Campaign Tagging for Offline Marketing Projects

A lot of webmasters are unaware that Google Analytics can be used to track the success of offline marketing efforts. Obviously, it won’t help track how many visitors you get at a high street shop, or tell you how many people are discussing your business or products offline. But it can provide valuable trackback information…

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How to PPC: The Benefits of Using Modified Broad Match Keywords

Running a successful PPC campaign involves a lot of important elements. For paid search marketers, Google provides its AdWords tool to help with traffic control, including various keyword options which can be used on their own or together. The latter option could require a higher budget than some businesses can afford to put into paid…

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How to PPC: The Importance of Utilising URL Tracking in Google Analytics

We have a running in-joke in the ClickThrough Marketing office, between the content team and our pay per click staff, which basically centres around the misconception that PPC is easy . We tend to mock our hardworking PPC account execs – claiming that they just have to set the clicks at 20p each, then sit…

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