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How To Expand Your Keyword Universe With Extended Landing Pages

Lisa Coghlan takes a closer look at extended landing pages and explains how these can be used to boost organic search, conversions, and potentially sales. Your keyword universe. Another way of saying the amount of keywords that your website currently ranks for within Google’s search results. Depending on the size of your site, and the…

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Why Targeting Long Tail Keywords Is Better for your Business

Adam Stokes delves deeper into the value of using long tail keywords in your digital marketing strategy, and explains why these keywords are especially valuable to small businesses. With mobile traffic continuing to grow, as well as the introduction of voice command software like Google Now, longer tail keywords are being used more frequently than…

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Why Wikipedia is top of the SERPs

For some years, there have been regular ‘complaints’ about Wikipedia’s top position in the search engine results pages, with Wikipedia links frequently occurring in the top three (or at least first page) organic search positions on all of the major engines such as Google and Bing. However, is it unfair bias or is it really…

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Aiming at the middle with your internet marketing activities

Seth Godin has recently posted twice on the subject of the “middle of the market”. His first post Fast In, Fast Out obviously started a train of thought and triggered the second about The Paradox of the Middle of the Market. Whilst Seth is mainly talking about product development and then marketing that to the…

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