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E-Commerce News Roundup: E-Commerce In Europe to Hit €500 Billion

Richard Plant outlines the latest in e-commerce news and trends including forecasts that the European B2C e-commerce market will achieve more than €500 billion in sales in 2016, Ted Baker reports 30% increase in e-commerce sales, and news the majority of small businesses still haven’t adopted an e-commerce website. Europe’s E-Commerce Market to Hit €500…

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Children's Food Campaign Calls For Online Marketing Reforms

The Children’s Food Campaign has accused UK advertising regulators of failing to protect kids against the Internet marketing campaigns conducted by food companies. Created with the intentions of improving the health of children across the country, the campaign has called on ministers to respond to what it’s described as the exploitation of loopholes. It wants […]

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Basic PPC Jargon – Know Your AdWords From Your Ad Groups

The world of PPC is quite guilty of using acronyms and strange expressions that are bound to confound newcomers to the field. But behind this jargonistic jumble are relatively simple concepts, which are quite easy to understand when explained through straightforward language. Here, ClickThrough copywriter Martin Boonham gives a run-down of some of the more…

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Online, Offline: It’s All Digital Marketing

A senior Google staff member has quashed rumours of Google-branded high street shops, saying they aren’t needed as customers can find all the product information they need online. In light of the news, ClickThrough’s senior online copywriter Oliver Pyper ruminates on the ever-blurring boundaries between offline and online marketing. Google is part of our everyday…

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Starbucks Twitter campaign used to criticise the firm’s tax status

The coffee chain Starbucks got a lot more than it bargained for following the launch of its new Twitter campaign. The SpreadTheCheer hashtag was quickly besieged by disgruntled protestors complaining about the firm’s tax status. In an online PR campaign gone awry, the Twitter feed was then allowed to be broadcast unchecked onto a big […]

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Google Minus – Is Penguin algorithm update a negative SEO boon?

The Google Penguin update, launched last month, punishes sites participating in dodgy paid link schemes by removing them from the search results. Now, post-Penguin, the Internet marketing industry is debating whether the algorithm change has become a charter for negative SEO. Negative SEO is essentially search sabotage: giving competitors a Google Minus, if you will. […]

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