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Bing apes Google graph with Encyclopaedia added to search results

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, has announced a new partnership with the Encyclopaedia Britannia, to improve information returned with its results. The move follows hot on the heels of the new Knowledge Graph introduced by Google, which pulls out relevant stats, facts, stories and information about various search terms (for instance, searching a popular actor’s name […]

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Google Analytics’ new browser size check boosts Internet marketing

Google Analytics, which provides important metrics for Internet marketing firms looking to improve websites for users, has expanded its In-Page report tool to show site visitors’ browser size. Browser size is an increasingly important metric for webmasters. With more and more people accessing the Internet via mobile devices with small, thin screens, some on-page content […]

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Windows 8 will be return to “digital dark ages”, says Mozilla

Mozilla, creators of popular internet browser Firefox, claim Microsoft is restricting user choice in Windows 8, by only supporting Internet Explorer. In a potential online PR disaster for Microsoft, both Mozilla and Google have raised public concerns about the future of Windows operating systems. Harvey Anderson, from Mozilla’s general counsel, claims Microsoft will return Windows […]

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Market to women – they are driving the Net

OK, that might be a slightly over-hyped view, and will undoubtedly fall foul of all those female driver jokes, but there is an opinion piece doing the rounds that seems to imply that females are: a) setting up more new e-commerce and internet companies than men b) supporting social and internet sites more than men…

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Is your time ticking away with social media?

Whether it is searching Twitter, engaging with fans on facebook, watching competitors’ videos on Youtube, checking social bookmarks on delicious and Digg, or just drifting nonchalantly through the forums, you may find your time vanishing into the clouds. Now there is a great tool for helping you manage your time online. Called, not surprisingly, Eggtimer,…

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