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Basic PPC Jargon – Know Your AdWords From Your Ad Groups

The world of PPC is quite guilty of using acronyms and strange expressions that are bound to confound newcomers to the field. But behind this jargonistic jumble are relatively simple concepts, which are quite easy to understand when explained through straightforward language. Here, ClickThrough copywriter Martin Boonham gives a run-down of some of the more…

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Product Listing Ads In Google Shopping Help Boost PPC Advertising For UK Retailers

A month ago today, Google began commercialising Google Shopping searches in the UK. ClickThrough has been managing Google Merchant Centre accounts for several high-profile businesses since then. As a result, our PPC experts have helped to boost ROI (return on investment) by 54%and cut click costs by 28%. Here, online copywriter Jack Adams examines the…

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PPC Shake-up: Google AdWords policy gets teeth

PPC marketing is set for a huge shake-up as Google gets tough on paid search. Today marks one of the most significant updates to the Google AdWords policy since it started offering pay per click advertising. Google’s guidelines have always stipulated that ads should be relevant, reliable, trustworthy and honest. The new update will mean […]

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Improve ROI on your PPC advertising campaigns

It is well known that pay per click marketing campaigns can be expensive and time-consuming. The ultimate reward of a fantastic ROI (return on investment), however, makes it all worth it. Writing for American Express Open Forum, Stacey Politi has created a list; featuring ten steps that can be taken to improve pay per click […]

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Improve Google AdWords traffic using these three tips

As far as pay per click services on the Internet go, Google AdWords is the dominant force. But bidding for keywords at a higher price on the service doesn’t always provide a greater advantage however. Founder of ROI Advisors, Frank Rumbauskas, states that: “Unlike other pay-per-click engines where the bid price is the sole factor […]

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