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Google Testing Video Call Support Feature For Google AdWords

Google has announced that users of its AdWords service will be able to make video calls to get support directly from the search engine giant. The feature was announced in the Official AdWords Community forums, and is currently in the testing phase, meaning it’ll only be accessible to a limited number of advertisers based in […]

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Google Trials PPC Banner Ads On Certain Branded Query Searches

Google is currently testing large banner ads which sit atop certain branded search queries. The search engine firm confirmed the trial in a statement: “We’re currently running a very limited, US-only test, in which advertisers can include an image as part of the search ads that show in response to certain branded queries. “Advertisers have […]

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Bing Launches PPC Service For SMEs, Bing Ads Express

Bing has unveiled a Bing Ads service targeted at SMEs (small-to-medium-sized enterprises) looking to conduct smaller-scale ad campaigns via its search network. The service is currently in beta mode and only accessible to American audiences. However, similar to Google’s AdWords Express, Bing Ads Express will allow businesses to create a single PPC marketing campaign tied […]

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The BidCops Are Here: It’s Time To Get Tough On AdWords Quality Score

Since launching our free PPC tool BidCops in December 2012, we’ve uncovered some valuable insights from its aggregated data. ClickThrough copywriter Jack Adams explains how BidCops has highlighted the importance of Quality Score, and why this variable can’t be ignored by PPC managers. It’s been little over three months since we launched BidCops, Europe’s first…

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Google becomes more valuable than Microsoft for first time

A company already considered to be a global giant – especially in the technology sector – Google became more valuable than software behemoth Microsoft for the first time yesterday (October 1). Some sections have stated that Google’s rise is representative of the fact that focus within the technology sector has moved towards Internet advertising – […]

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PPC marketing – two elements to test

In any PPC marketing campaign it is important to ensure that your adverts are tested and optimised on a regular basis – according to Search Engine Watch, Bryan Eisenberg once stated that “successful companies run at least 30 tests a month.” Not all companies will be able to run this many tests each month, but […]

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Blekko testing search adverts

Blekko, a recently founded search engine, has started testing search ads on its SERPs (search engine results page), according to an article published by Search Engine Watch. Launched by Rick Skrenta in November 2010, Blekko has the backing of Russian search engine, Yandex, as well as a number of venture capitalists. The site is currently […]

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Improving your ROI on LinkedIn Ads

Widely known as the business professional’s social network of choice, LinkedIn is a site that offers a number of great advertising opportunities. According to Joseph Kerschbaum, writing for Search Engine Watch, LinkedIn Ads, with the right strategy behind them, can provide a fantastic ROI (return on interest). Kerschbaum has highlighted a number of tactics to […]

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Microsoft unveils adCenter changes

Microsoft has unveiled a number of new improvements to its adCenter platform, according to an article published by Search Engine Watch. Changes have been made to campaign budget overview, mobile ad targeting and the character limit in ad descriptions. The character description length has been increased by one – from 70 characters to 71 – […]

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Mistakes commonly made during PPC marketing campaigns

There are a number of mistakes commonly made in PPC marketing campaigns; despite being easily avoidable, these mistakes continue to be made on a regular basis, according to Elise Gabbert, writing for Business 2 Community. She states that these avoidable mistakes can have a damaging effect on campaigns – affecting CTR (click-through rates) Quality Score […]

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